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          RE: Transition Day 1st July

          Posted on: 26/06/2020

          RE: Transition Day 1st July

          Dear Parent / Carer,

          I am afraid, that as expected, due to the coronavirus and the necessary social distancing, we will NOT be able to run Transition day on the 1st


          504 Gateway Time-out

          Mr Tim Naylor

          Assistant Headteacher Transition

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          • June 28, 2020 There was fantastic participation in Friday’s UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. 58 students from year 7&8 participated.
        • June 28, 2020 Catching up on some artwork set this week - yr10 working on

          504 Gateway Time-out

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        • June 28, 2020 French Lessons this week. Thank you! Year 9: 9/1 I Ramaanie joined our online lesson on Thursday and produced good work as a result. Well done, Ramaanie! excellent work From Clement, Hamidenaz, Martyna, Ernest and Meriem. Achievement Points to follow! Mme Barnard
        • June 27, 2020 Happy Pride from all of us at . Pride in London x Read more
        • June 26, 2020 Lavender sardines 🐬(Textiles) under construction by Janessa and Annabelle Read more
        • June 26, 2020 Raffle tickets at the ready -who will will this weeks REWRD RAFFLE? (all year 7 this week! Lois, Nathaniel and Furqaan)🌟👍😷 Read more
        • June 26, 2020 More Science praise from Ms O’Garro-Thomas🌟👍😷 7.4 Gabriel Fiza 7.1 Aylia Isa Kamran Adomas JJ 7.6 Binyamin 8.2 Mussa Paige Keiron Ernie Dylan Rehamn 8.4 Jet Ra's 9.4 Imaad Jibril 9.5 Zain Matthew Baan 9.6 Beti Y10 Aleks Isabella Pawel FIza
        • June 26, 2020 7/3Harry, Laura, Eleanor, Aalia, Leon, saffiya, 7/5 Gemma, Sophie, Miheal, Allesandra, Ridwan 7/2 Josef 9b/4 Kjus, Rafi, Geneviieve, Alfred 10a/3 Nimra, Eesa, Charles All for their great effort an engagement in Science Ms Farooq🌟👍😷
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