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          New home learning timetables for June and July 2020

          Posted on: 05/06/2020

          for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10,

          Dear Parents/Carers,

          Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and support for your child’s home learning.

          We know how many demands you have on your time and energy levels at this very challenging time, and we are extremely grateful for all that you have done to keep your child studying at home as they should be.

          Please find below my email to students about their new home learning timetable and our new expectations which go live on Monday 8 June.

          We plan for students to become familiar with these and get up to speed with engaging with a full day of home learning over the whole of next week.

          These new home learning timetables will apply for the remaining six weeks of term- June and July.

          We have included a range of pastoral and academic communication, activities and learning.

          Your child’s teachers will be present online to support your child with each lesson, using Teams Chat, unless they are unavailable, for example because they are teaching in school.

          We would be grateful if you could ensure your child goes to bed early enough to start the school home learning day at 9am.

          Most activities involve online learning, but we have built in frequent breaks, and some lessons require only a short time logged in and the rest of the lesson time might be expected to be spent reading, writing, drawing, exercising or doing other activities.

          Please support your child with this new timetable if they are well and able to do so. If they can’t manage the whole day, please help them prioritise what they can do or attempt to do.

          If you have any worries about your child’s wellbeing or home learning please contact your child’s Achievement Leader at school in the first instance.

          Thank you again for your continued support in this matter.

          Very best wishes

          Stay safe

          Ms Peduzzi

          (Deputy Headteacher)

          • Keep studying! Stay well!

          Year 7 Home learning timetable June and July 2020

          Year 8 Home learning timetable June and July 2020

          Year 9 Home learning timetable June and July 2020

          Year 10 Home learning timetable June and July 2020

          Temporary curriculum


          Dear Year 7, 8, 9 and 10,

          Well done to all of you who have been home learning independently and with the support of your family and friends over the past weeks! So many of you have been working so hard!

          Some of your fantastic work has been celebrated in Twitter and been displayed at school. We are very proud of you!

          From Monday 8 June, we are moving to a new home learning timetable for each year group (Year 7 to 10) for the next six weeks of the summer term.

          Please see your new home learning timetable attached.

          If you are well and able to do so, we expect every one of you to engage with all the activities in your new home learning timetable each school day.

          Your new home learning timetable includes assemblies, news, e-safety advice, and wellbeing and fitness activities. For Year 9 and 10 there are also Ted Talks and careers guidance.

          To support you with these timetabled lessons, we have arranged for your usual class teachers to be available online when you are doing these lessons. They will do this through Teams Chat which they will turn on at the start of each lesson. You can ask them questions about the lesson or ask for help if you get really stuck. Please make sure you communicate respectfully at all times in Teams Chat.

          If your teacher is not able to support you with any online lesson for any reason, they will leave you a message in Teams.

          We hope this helps you get back into more of a routine with your home learning so that you can start getting ready to come back to school.

          If you have any questions about your new home learning timetable, please email your Achievement Leader.

          We will be getting your feedback on this new home learning timetable soon and will act on this feedback to make it even better as soon as we can.

          Enjoy your lessons and other activities!

          We miss you all. Remember- YOU ARE AMAZING! J

          Stay safe!

          Ms Peduzzi

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