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          Positive messages to the students and families

          Posted on: 24/05/2020

          Listen to this and enjoy!

          Daddy Pig #peppapig has sent a message to the students and families of @WillowfieldSch It will brighten your day

          Thanks to actor Richard Ridings for enabling Daddy Pig to speak to us all! //t.co/bdvh9fLir3


          Thank you @Melvinodoom @BBCR1 

          for your positive message to the staff and students @WillowfieldSch 

          We all really appreciate your kind words. Thankyou!

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          • July 19, 2020 A reminder to complete our school travel survey🚶‍♀️ 🚴 We want to know what would make it easier for you/your child to walk, cycle or scoot to reduce pressure on the transport network 👍🏽 👉👉Read more Read more
          • July 18, 2020 Have a lovely summer everyone and see you all in September. 😎
          • July 16, 2020 Skilful use of coffee granules to create this portrait. Well done Anika Ahmed in year 10. You are a star!🌟😷👍 Read more
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